The Mom behind the designs

I'm Brittney, owner and creator of BLNDesigns. I am wife to Greg and a mom of 2 wildlings, Lucas and Avery. 

When I originally started this business, I was making designs specifically for moms. It made sense, my kids were little, and I was at home with them all day - why not make some funny shirts that expressed how I felt! But as my kids have gotten older and my business has naturally progressed, I find myself not just focused on moms, but anyone who has that sarcastic, snarky side. Or the fellow introvert who is really funny but only shows it to a select few people. Yes, I still do mom-themed designs, but you don't have to be a mom to shop here. 

I love creating new designs and especially love doing custom orders. Whether it's something just for you, or a big family party, just send me a message and I would love to work with you!